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From the Field to the Freezer

Our comprehensive seed program for tomatoes and peppers processes over 20 million pounds of raw produce annually in California. Our committed growers and agricultural team carefully manage the fields within a 30-mile radius of our manufacturing plant. 

We are dedicated to implementing stringent sanitation procedures designed for our Ready-to-Eat finished products to ensure safety and quality at every stage.

Starts with Planning

We collaborate with our partners to proactively prevent disruptions that could impact your operations. This crucial stage involves open discussions on volume, timing, and quality certifications, ensuring the stability of your supplies.

Supplier From Seed to Harves Planting
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In the Fields

Our dedicated growers meticulously select the seeds that will become your vegetable ingredients. The selected seeds are sown in fields as close as a 30-mile radius of our facility. This proximity reduces our carbon footprint and enhances the freshness of the produce.

RTE Technology

At their peak, vegetables are harvested from the fields and transported to our facility, where they are frozen within hours. Our validated Ready-to-Eat thermal processing step is managed as a preventative control for food safety. This process helps maintain the highest quality in color, texture, and nutrients compared to fresh vegetables, which can lose quality during transport and storage.

Food Safety

We conduct thorough inspections and tests at every production stage to ensure our products meet the highest safety standards. We have implemented a dedicated post-thermal process handling and packaging area fortified with robust environmental monitoring for pathogen control. This detailed approach helps to minimize the risk of cross-contamination after thermal processing.


Lets Connect

Connect with a sales representative to learn more about Ready-to-Eat IQF vegetables and request samples.

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