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Supplier IQF RTE Vegetables Onion Spices

From Seed to Harvest 

we take pride in our farming locations

Our Seed to Harvest Program for Tomato, Onions, and Peppers processes

over 150 million raw pounds annually in California.

Fields are located within 50 miles from our manufacturing plant and

are closely monitored by our Agriculture Team.


We work directly with growers and select seeds for your vegetable ingredients.
Supplier Seed Jain Farm Fresh California Oregon
Supplier From Seed to Harves Planting
Selected seeds are planted in fields on the West Coast, most less than 50 miles from the manufacturing plants- 
talk about less carbon footprint!
Our vegetables are harvested at the peak of freshness to maintain the highest quality in color, texture and nutritional value.
Supplier Jain Farm Fresh Foods Tomato
supplier iqf vegetables ready-to-eat
Vegetables are delivered to Jain Farm Fresh Foods facilities within hours of harvest for same-day processing.

That's Fresh!

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