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Ready-to-Eat IQF Vegetables

Providing food safety, convenience and versatility into any food application, any time of the year.

We take food safety seriously.

At Jain, we are committed to manufacturing top-quality Ready-to-Eat (RTE) IQF ingredients that improve operational efficiency, convenience, and reduce waste for our partners.


Our meticulous process includes thorough microbiological testing and rigorous oversight in a high-care, post-production environment to ensure the superior quality of our products.

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Reduced Moisture

You need to use the right products to make your food stand out. Our Reduced Moisture line prevents the weeping that occurs in standard IQF vegetables, keeping your applications crispy and delicious. 


Fire Roasting

Add robust and smoky flavor with a charring appearance that adds an attractive visual element to your applications, making them more appealing to consumers.


Streamline your operations with custom and preblended options. Whether you want a two-ingredient or a six-ingredient blend, we’ve got you covered.



Available year-round.

Consistent Quality

Harvested at their peak,  and monitored to ensure fresh flavor, nutrition, color, and texture. 


Allows for a variety of global-inspired trends and seasonal applications.

Labor Saving

Pre-washed, pre-cut, and ready to use, saving you time and effort.

Reduce Waste

100% usable product with a longer shelf life.

Who we serve

Our Ready-to-Eat (RTE) IQF vegetables are ideal for food manufacturers and foodservice operators looking to enhance their frozen and refrigerated applications.

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Food Manufacturers

Increase efficiency and add new flavors to food appliations. 



Labor-saving ingredients for busy kitchen lines.

Lets Connect

Connect with a sales representative to learn more about Ready-to-Eat IQF vegetables and request samples.

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Jain Global

"Leave this world better
            than you found it."

Dr. Bhavarlal Hiralal Jain, Founder
1937 - 2016

Started in 1963, the Jain Group has become a global leader in precision agricultural irrigation while operating across businesses of Drip Irrigation, Food Processing, Plant Tissue Culture, and more. 

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